University of Istanbul Department of Private and Commercial Law Graduate Program, 2009

University of Istanbul School of Law, 2003

Ataköy Hasan Polatkan High School, 1999

Istanbul Bar Association
Commercial and Corporate Law

Mine ZANAPALIOĞLU was born in 1982 in Samsun Havza. She was educated at Ataköy’s Hasan Polaktan High School, where she graduated in 1999, then at Istanbul University Faculty of Law, where she graduated 2nd highest in her class in 2003. She additionally completed a Master’s in Road Transport Law in 2009. Mrs. ZANAPALIOĞLU was admitted to the Istanbul Bar Association and joined Yarsuvat Law Firm in 2004, where she is a lawyer specialising in International Transport. Mine ZANAPALIOĞLU is fluent in English.


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