About The Firm

About The Firm

Unity is strength. It is from this byword that İhsan Yarsuvat decided to assemble a body of lawyers, thus erecting, more than 81 years ago, the foundations to what would become the touchstone of Turkish law Firms.

Born in 1908 in the town of Ceyhan, İhsan Yarsuvat later followed his parents to Istanbul. It is in that city that he pursued the majority of his studies, firstly at the Istiklal High school and then at the Faculty of Law of Istanbul. İhsan Yarsuvat eventually graduated and attacked a grand ascension. To begin with, he was nominated for the magistracy of Manavgat, next, to the one of Saray, and he was finally assigned duties at the Criminal Courts of Ödemiş and Istanbul. Appointed a few years later Assistant Prosecutor, he then moved on to be General Prosecutor of the Court of First Instance and of the Magistrate’s Court; both of them in Istanbul.

In 1941 İhsan Yarsuvat retired from his duties in order to fully commit to the establishment of an original enterprise: Yarsuvat Law Firm. The later drew its strength form an untried composition. Indeed, İhsan Yarsuvat employed a multitude of professors, law practitioners, as well as former judges and retired prosecutors, like him.
In 1952, a collision, in the Dardanelles, between a Turkish submarine, the Dumlupınar, and a Swedish cargo boat, served as the opportunity for the young firm to make its name.

Indeed, İhsan Yarsuvat took the defence of the Swedish captain, Oscar Lorazon, who had been designated, on the spot, as the guilty party. İhsan Yarsuvat marked history with this case by becoming, in his country, the forerunner of the principle of presumption of innocence.

In 1964 he was an elected city council member and served as Vice-President for two terms. In 1967 he was elected regional president of the ‘Adalet Partisi’ (The Justice Party).

İhsan Yarsuvat died the 8th of March 1981.

In the course of his life, İhsan Yarsuvat also got married. With his wife Nimet, a law practitioner too, they had four sons, Erdem, Duygun, Hüseyin, and Ali. However, only Duygun and Hüseyin have lived to inherit of their fathers Firm.

They have known to abide by their fathers will and philosophy.

The presidency is nevertheless held by Attorney Alikonur Yarsuvat, son of late Attorney Hüseyin Derin Yarsuvat.

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